We continually strive to provide excellent service to every family we serve. We encourage families to offer as much creative input as possible so that we can offer a service that is very personal. It is important to remember that a funeral service is a way to memorialize a person and reflect certain elements of the life of the person being memorialized. As a service is more personalized, it becomes more meaningful to the family. Any aspect of the services we offer can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual family. A funeral service may be very simple or as elaborate as possible. The objective is for the service to meet the needs of the family. We like to feel that our ability to help a family make a service more personal is limitless. With this concept in mind, take time to review and consider the services that would best suit the needs of your family.

Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral usually consists of three key components: the visitation, the funeral service, and the committal service at the cemetery. The visitation is usually held at the funeral home on the night preceding the funeral, and the funeral service may be held at a church or in the funeral home chapel. We serve any local cemetery but can also arrange for a burial in any out-of-town cemetery.

As aforementioned, any component of the traditional funeral can be tailored or altogether omitted in order to suit the needs of the family. The term “traditional” should not be misleading. There are no rules or customs to which one must adhere when planning a funeral. One should not worry about offending someone with the choices they make when memorializing their loved one.

Graveside Service

A graveside service is a simpler, often less expensive type of funeral. This type of service is sometimes held in one day with the visitation held during the morning followed by the funeral service in the afternoon. We offer the same flexibility with regard to service as with any funeral. This option can prove to be convenient if there are family members who live out of town and need to minimize their time away from their jobs and still allow enough time to travel to and from the funeral. 

Immediate Burial

This option is the minimum service for burial. The decedent would be removed from the place of death, and arrangements for a burial would be made immediately. There would be no services or visitation. Some families that choose this option elect to use our chapel for a memorial service after the burial. If cost is an issue, the memorial service may be held, without the funeral home being involved, in a church in order to foregos the cost of using our chapel.

Traditional Cremation

This type of service is the best way to incorporate the benefits of both a traditional funeral service and cremation. The decedent would be prepared and placed in a casket. Then a visitation would be held followed by a funeral service the next day with the body present. The cremation would be performed after the services were complete.

Cremation With a Memorial Service

The advantage of this service is that there is more flexibility because the cremation could be performed independently from scheduling a memorial service. The cremated remains need not be present at the actual memorial service. However, if the family wishes to have the cremated remains present for the memorial service, we can accommodate that need.

Our chapel can be used to hold the memorial service. We give the family as much latitude as possible to allow them to have a personal and meaningful memorial service. The family can feel free to be creative and display any memorabilia they feel would typify the deceased. Our staff will assist the family in coordinating the memorial service and setup the chapel according to the specifications of the family.

Direct Cremation

With direct cremation, our role is simpler in that there are no ceremonial services involved. First, we remove the decedent from the place of death. We then arrange for the cremation and transport the deceased to the crematory. After the cremation process is complete, we contact the family to receive the cremated remains. The cremated remains can be received in person from our funeral home or sent by U.S. Postal Service to any location.