Harald Eberhardt Schnetter

October 30, 1939 - April 23, 2020
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Harald Schnetter, was born on 10-03-1939, in Wolfsburg, Germany, as the third child of six siblings, of Walter and Martha Schnetter. As a child, Harald grew up in a Christian family, in East Germany. He was saved as a child when he was about 8 years old and took much joy in attending Christian meetings. At age 14, he fled to West Germany following his father who had prepared a place for his family there. The whole family was finally reunited in West Germany. Then Harald started his career as a carpenter and continued to study civil engineering. After moving to Bad Hersfeld for his job, Harald found his future wife, Doris Allendorf, and they got married in June 1972. The Lord blessed them with three precious children, Christian, Iris, Elke and later six wonderful grandchildren Noemi, Jonathan, Daniel, Hannah, Salome, Jeremy.

As a young couple they were searching for Christians who gathered according to the New Testament. After visiting many places, they were still unsatisfied, longing for something matching God’s desire. In 1976 they accepted an invitation to a Christian conference in Türkheim. There they were deeply impressed with God’s desire to build up His church. Following this, they experienced the practical church life firsthand by taking hospitality in one of the family’s homes. The overwhelming love of Christ was shown through the believers' care for them. In December of the same year they were invited again to a conference, held in Stuttgart, which was about the book of Song of Songs. Here they were touched and called by the Lord to give themselves practically for the building up of the church. After multiple weekend visits coupled with reading and praying over the Word of God, they became increasingly clear that God wanted them to participate in the church life there in Stuttgart. In December 1977, they moved there after Harald got a job. It was there they found the Lord’s desire, where He was home, and where they were home. Some years later, in the year 2000, according to the Lord’s leading, Harald, Doris and Elke moved to the United States and settled in Irving, TX. Being here all these years has been such a blessing, being built up with the believers through fellowship, prayer and enjoying the Word of God. Our hearts are full of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for His faithful leading and guiding all these years! Harald will be remembered as being loving and caring toward his family, hardworking, praying, steadfast, unwavering and serving in the church, sometimes in hidden ways. His children and grandchildren brought him much joy.

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