Walter Wayne Pierce

January 11, 1940 - May 8, 2019
U.S. Armed Forces Veteran
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Walter Wayne Pierce, 79, passed away peacefully at home Wednesday, May 8, 2019. He was born January 11, 1940, in Bell California.

Walt grew up in Roswell, New Mexico where as a teenager he rode his bike to the airport and washed airplanes in trade for flight lessons. He joined the U.S. Air Force on January 11, 1957. After the Air Force, he was hired as the youngest pilot at Trans Texas Airways.
Propelled by a dream of being an airshow pilot, he flew many airplanes in a variety of jobs. He reached his aspiration, flying airshows across the United States and Canada since the 1960’s. He was known for flying aerobatics carrying wing-walker(s) on the wings of his 1940 Stearman biplane ‘Ol Smokey. He retired a few years ago from the airshow business with over 20,000 hours of flight time.

He is preceded in death by his father, Walter Wesley Pierce, of California, mother, Velma Langley, of Roswell, New Mexico, son, Frank Pierce, of Texas and Victoria Pierce (daughter of Shawn and Ron) of Texas.

He is survived by his sister Linda Valentine (husband Jack) of Lincoln, New Mexico. His children are Ginger Pierce, Shawn Dell Pierce (husband Ron) and Richard Garland (wife Tracey) all of Texas; 15 grandchildren - Richard, Adam, Teddy, Zack, Chaz, Brian, Christopher, Katelyn, Joshua, Meagan, Jacob, Jessica, Aaron, Elizabeth and 14 great-grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers the family has requested that any financial gifts be sent to Chism-Smith Funeral Home to help with Funeral Expenses. The family is beyond grateful by your love and generosity.

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Jim McConnell
Ocala, FL
RIP Walt, you were a true gentleman. Fly free!
Bryan Miller
Tampa, FL
What an inspiration to all in the Airshow community and what joy he brought to the public with his amazing shows.  Honored to call him friend.  This time he flys with angels on his wing....Tailwinds, Walt.
Robert Chad Le Beau (Parachutist/Stuntman)
Estero, FL
A true born Aviator who loved the open skies and flying.  Walt was a
professional and respected the history of early flying and Barnstorming Days. I spent the 1972 Air Show Season as Walt & Sandi's Parachute Stuntman traveling the U.S. performing the American Flag jump from TransPo '72 at Dulles, EAA Oshkosh to small grass roots Air Shows with BBQ's in Wisconsin. Walt was always a careful and planned pilot. He has entertained millions of spectators over the years and made his mark in Aviation History, he will be in my memories forever.
Louise Hanna Calaaway
Duncan, OK
My condolences to the family.  Walt was my cousin, although after we reached teen years he was off and doing his "thing" and we lost contact.  We recently reconnected and had been friends again!! Rest in peace now, Walt, your struggles here on earth are over!!
Robert Dale
Ocala, FL
Walt and I were quite close at one point in time. He came to my airport in Canada and taught me aerobatics in my Stearman. Those lessons have stayed with me for a lifetime. Easy journey west my friend. Bob
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Kevin Kasley
Avon Park, FL
Rest In Peace
Chris Murley
Scranton, PA
1998 I was a senior in high school. My dad worked for a local radio station, and was awarded a media ride. Could either go up and watch the golden knights jump out or go for an Acro ride with Walt. I had just gotten my PPL and my dad put me in his spot. This was at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airshow in northeast PA Since I already had a dozen skydives I took the opportunity to go up with Walt. I’ll never forget that takeoff and rolling inverted. I just looked “up” and was watching the runway stripes go by! We went up and beat it up for a bit and he let me take the front controls for a little while. That flight not only set the Acro hook, it landed the big fish! I knew from that day I wanted to be an Acro pilot! over the years i have built my own aerobatic biplane, flown in competition aerobatics and won! started a business building modified pitts biplanes and its all thanks to that one flight back in the 90s.

Here’s to you Walt, thank you!
Kimberly Stewart
Waynesville, OH
My condolences to the family. Walt will be sorely missed.
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