Michael David Hennegan Sr

April 22, 1961 - July 19, 2020
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Michael David Hennegan Sr., 59, of Grand Prairie, Texas, passed away on Sunday, July 19, 2020. He was born on April 22, 1961 in Dallas, Texas, the son of Bryan Joseph and Jackie Hennegan. He is preceded in death by his dad, Bryan Joseph and a daughter, Nikki Hennegan. Michael loved anything outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and enjoying the world around him. He had a profound appreciation for nature. Michael even built his own pond and spent many hours feeding his fish. He was a hard worker who loved to build and race, race cars. That passion and love turned into a career. Michael started his own auto mechanics shop in which he had for 40 years. He also had a great love for Bacon. Most of all he loved his family and spending time with them. Michael enjoyed playing with his granddaughter Cataleya (Callie), and his children had his whole heart. He would’ve done anything in the world for them. Michael is survived by his children, - Elizabeth, Tanner, Anthony, Jessica, Michael Jr., Samantha; grandchild, Cataleya; mother, Jackie Hennegan; siblings, Denise, Tammi, and Brandon; mother of children and best friend, Cynthia Griffith; friends, Brenda, Johnny, OD Vega, John, and Margaret; among numerous other family and friends. Visitation will be held on Friday, July 24th from 6-8 pm at the funeral home. Funeral services will be on July 25th at 10:00 am in the Chism-Smith Funeral Home Chapel. Interment will immediately follow at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens.

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Tammy Worthington
Fort Worth, TX
To an amazing man and the best friend a person could ask for. We had lost touch the last few years but I never quit thinking of him. My prayers go out to his children and family. God has gained an amazing angel.
Margaret Kovach
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Anna Procaccini
Dallas, TX
What started out, decades ago, as a business friendship turned into a personal friendship that I will always cherish. Mike was a person of great integrity, kindness, generosity, intellect, and good humor. He was also very smart about cars! From my first 1964 Cadillac, through Anna's Electric's 1972 Ford pickup, and all my Toyotas beside, he kept me on the road. I will never forget that wonderful guy running Ram Exhaust. He will be sorely missed by many, professionally and personally.
Cris, Tino, Estevan and Andres
Dallas, TX
What can I say about Mike, only that he probably loved cake as much as my family and I loved him. He was not only our mechanic for over 30 years but a great friend. We will miss him so much !!! I know that he is resting and I know for sure that we will see our friend again.  We love you , Mike, and may the Lord keep you and give you the much needed rest . We love you and miss you so much.
Bert Rakowitz
Dallas, TX
(Adapted from George M. Cohan’s “HARRIGAN”)

Who was the man who would spend or would even lend?
Hennegan, That’s Him!
Who was your friend when you found that you needed a friend?
Hennegan, that’s Him

For he was just as proud of his name you see,
As an Emperor, Czar or a King, could be
Who was the man helped a man every time he can?
Hennegan, That’s Him!

H – E - double N – E – G – A - N spells Hennegan
Proud of all the Irish blood that’s in him; Divil a man can say a word agin him
H – E - double N – E – G – A - N spells Hennegan
Is a name that a shame never has been connected with, Hennegan, That’s, Him

Who was the mechanic at a place called Ram Exhaust?
Hennegan, That’s Him
Who was the mechanic Oak Cliff talked about?
Michael Hennegan, That’s Him

Who was the man whose brain it always seemed
Was so much smarter than his diagnostic machine
Hennegan, That’s Him

Who was the man who put your car up on the rack
And handed you a bill that wouldn’t cause a heart attack?
Michael Hennegan, That’s Him

H – E - double N – E – G – A - N spells Hennegan
Proud of all the Irish blood that’s in him; Divil a man can say a word agin him
H – E - double N – E – G – A - N spells Hennegan
Is a name that a shame never has been connected with, Hennegan, That’s, Him
Randy Cody
Owning a business next door to Mikes for many many years I got to watch his kids grow up. They would ride those scooters and go carts around his parking lot until the tires would fall off. I got to greet Mike every morning. He was a friend to me and my family. He would tell me stories of my dad that I did not know. I do know Mike was a generous, kind, loving person who loved his family very much. He will be very much missed. I have had so many people pop into my business to check up on Mike these last few months. People truly cared about him.
Tammi Hennegan
Carrollton, TX
My mind says you’re gone; but it forgets. My heart says you’re gone but it will never forget.  I love you to the moon and more.  I will see you someday soon, precious baby brother.
Sissy Russell
Mike you'll always have a huge piece of my heart. Your friendship brought me out of a very dark place and showed me I deserved more, you were my angel. You saw me through some very hard times that would've been impossible without you, you made me smile and laugh when I never thought I'd be able to again. You were my angel, my buddy, my confidant and a very special person to me. There's a hole in my world now that you're gone. I hate knowing I won't see you sweet smile and sparkling eyes again...I miss my friend. I love you bunches and can't wait to see you again.
David and Angela Marshall
Dallas, TX
We would like the family to know that we will be praying for you. We have been customers of Mike's for years. Not only a great mechanic, but a great kind-hearted person. He will truly be missed. May God bless and keep you all.
Gregory Kramer
Carrollton, TX
You are a good friend as well as a good brother-in-law. You are, and will continue to be, missed. Our world needs more good men like you, not less. I know you are in a better place but you were not supposed to leave us so soon. Take care buddy. And as your dad liked to say, "we'll see you on the flip side".
William Randy Cody
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Brandon Hennegan
Lacey, WA
"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike

As such, Michael is immortal to me.  Goodbye, "little" brother.
Cynthia Griffith
Arlington, TX
I still can’t believe you’re gone. The kids and I have laughed, cried, danced, and shared stories remembering you. I know you always thought I was the glue that held us together. But it looks like you held us together more than you realized. You were our rock. There wasn’t anything we didn’t think you couldn’t do. You will live on through each of our beautiful children and their children. I will make sure our little Callie Bear knows how much her Pop Pop loved her. I know you will be forever watching over us and helping to prepare a place for us to see each other again.
Grand Prairie, TX
Well daddy we have talked about this day but I don’t think either of us were ready for it to come. I know you tried to prepare me the best you could. You have always been my superhero and I’ve always been your pumpkin. You were my best friend dad I will miss our daily talks and I know it is supposed to get easier but for now I’m going to cry. I know you have always worried about me even more once I came home from the army but I want you to know. After watching you in that hospital room as I prepared myself for this day I need you to know “you can let go now daddy, your little girl is ready to do this on her own”. I know I will miss you every second and nothing in this world could replace what we had, but I’m not going to let this destroy me I will find strength. This is the hardest see you later I’ve ever had to endure. But it’s only see you later not goodbye dad. I got pumpkin bear it’s yours turn to rest easy on that mountain top.
Love you always,
Bert Rakowitz
Dallas, TX
I don't know if Michael was of Irish, Scottish, or English heritage.  My research shows the name appears in all of those Ancestry records.  One thing is FOR SURE: He was a AMERICAN in the truest sense of that word, who believed in the culture of this country, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  He typified Liberty and Free Enterprise.

His daughter, whom I had the pleasure and honor to meet, is also a true American who defended this country by military service.  I understand she may also be a crack mechanic.  I wish she would take over his business.  I would be the first in line. 

Michael, my 2003 Buick LeSabre thanks you. My 2011 Toyota Avalon thanks you, My wife, Mary thanks you, and I thank you.  A life well done.
Denise hennegan countryman (big sis)
Irving, TX
Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from you. You will forever live in my heart and always I will carry you with me. I’ll love forever. Forever and ever my brother YOULL be. I love you.
Lindsey Walker
Sent Flowers in memory of Michael David Hennegan Sr
Carol Green
Mike and I became friends about 15 years ago.  He was always such fun to be around! We talked about everything under the sun! I keep looking for him to walk up the sidewalk and ring my doorbell in his signature way of just keeping his finger on it! Even though he denied it, he enjoyed doing puzzles.  He always helped out in anything that needed to be done.  I am going to miss you, my friend.  I thank God for bringing us together.  True friends are hard to come by.  I love you Mike, and one day we will see each other again!
Carrollton, TX
The Heavens got one of their angels back, and one of the finest human beings the world has ever known.  You will be missed so much Uncle Mike.  #LostButNeverForgotten
Dallas, TX
Mike was a close friend that felt like he was family to us. He was a great person that I was honored to know in this lifetime. I will always remember Mike as a great, loyal, goofy, beautiful, smart, and amazing wonderful family friend. I love you Mike RIP
MARY http://www.chismsmithfuneralhome.com/public/images/symbols/bible.png
Dallas, TX
Good night my friend, until we see each other again!
Scott Harris
Dallas, TX
I am just now learning of Mike's passing and shocked and saddened by the loss of a great man.  Mike was the most honest person I knew.  I was a customer for over 20 years would always look forward to working with him.  I admired his ethics, hard work and core values as well as his sense of humor and he will be missed.  My heart goes to the family - may you remember his strength and character and keep it with you in theyears to come.  Good night my friend.
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