Ella Louise Hawkins

July 30, 1937 - November 9, 2019
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Ella Louise Hawkins received her angel wings on November 9, 2019. Although her family is deeply saddened that she is gone, they are all so relieved that she is finally at peace and pain free. She was born July 30, 1937 to Fred and Agnus Hughes. She met her husband of 63 years, Jim, when she was just 14 years old. Family and friends will miss being a witness to the love Ella & Jim had for each other. He was a rock of a husband throughout their life together. Ella was a stay at home mother and raised their four daughters. Her hobbies were cooking, gardening, painting, sewing & quilting. She was an amazing quilter, each person will forever cherish the few quilts they have that she specifically made for them. Her banter and wittiness will be missed by everyone she knew. She was always good at making others laugh.
She was preceded in death by her father Fred, mother Agnus, brother Thomas, sister Lynn and best friend Doy Sartin. She is survived by her husband Jim, four daughters Cheryl, Cindy, Charlotte and Carol; six grandchildren, Derek, Sonja, Jason, Brandy, Sara and Monty and two great-grandsons Ethan and Caden.

We will forever miss you so much! Rest peacefully. We love you!

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Sherry Chenault / Receptionist @ Valley Ranch
Irving, TX
So sorry for you and your fanilies loss. I can definitely relate and my heart aches. Love & Prayers sent your way.
Vicki Lowrey
Grapevine, TX
You don’t know me but I’m a friend of Carol and Cindy.  I wanted to let you know how sorry I am to learn of the passing of your wife.  I know it has been a long hard struggle for both of you.  Please know that her struggles are now over and she is free of pain.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lynsey Huber
Charlotte, I'm so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. The loss of a mother can never be replaced, but the love of a mother can never be lost. Sending lots of love, prayers and positive energy your way.
Becky Walley
Austin, TX
Mr. H, (after all these years I have a hard time with "Jim") I am beyond sad at the passing of Ella.  She and my Mother were best friends and hopefully they are together in heaven talking about all the neighbors on Edwards Ct.! You guys were like second parents my whole life and I have always loved you both dearly.  My deepest sympathies.  I know you will miss her.  I know I do.  Love you and the girls, my sisters from another mother! Becky
Jennifer Thomas
Greenville, TX
I am a friend of Carol and Brandy. I am so so sorry to hear of your wife’ s passing, yet rejoicing she is now with Jesus and in absolute perfect form. I will be praying for you over the next few months that you meet a peace that passes all understanding and remember that you will see her again. Carol is one of my very favorite people and Brandy is pretty special too.
With Love,
Jennifer Thomas
Brenda Molina
Mesa, AZ
I am sorry for your loss. May she Rest In Peace. Prayers...
Deloris Hawkins
Deming, NM
So sorry to hear about your loss of your dear wife Ella. We have many good trips and times together.  She is the one that got me started quilting and now I can't seem to stop. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family from all of us.  Deloris
Shelly Neal Slack
Waxahachie, TX
Hi Jim!!!!
I am so sorry to hear of Ella’s passing away! I remember our wonderful vacations to Texas when we were younger.  They were such great times.
It was such a blessing to watch you take such great care of Ella these last few years.  Every couple should be as lucky to have a spouse as attentive as you!!! I know you will miss her.  Please know that Darrell and I will be praying for you !!!! We hope to see you soon.
J. Jeffrey
Dallas, TX
I can only imagine how you miss her.  We sure do at Auberge.
Wore a dress yesterday that she particularly liked. Walked to her door and prayed for you all.  May The Lord comfort you.
Please rest when you’re able. I know you’re exhausted!
Hugs and love to you all.
Mike Smith
Prosper, TX
Dear Mr. Hawkins,
I’m sorry for your loss and extend my condolences to you and your family.
You and Ella were always so nice to me back in the day when I was hanging out at your house with Carol. I was made to feel like part of your family and will always have fond memories of that time. It was pretty cool that Ella would keep beer in the refrigerator for me...she was awesome! And so are you! I pray that your grief is eased with time and that you find comfort in knowing that she is in a better place now. I wish you the best.
Kindest Regards,
Mike Smith
Jill Hatcher
Dennis, TX
I am so sorry for your loss. You and Ella were the best neighbors anyone could have. I pray God will give you and your family peace.
judith & tom
Little Elm, TX
Charlotte, Steve, Cheryl, Doug, Sonja, Spenser, and Sara,

Please know our thoughts are with you. We never met Ella but feel like we know her through your stories. Take care and please let us know if there is anything you need.
Lisa Near
Irving, TX
Dear Jim (I’m an adult now, so I feel like I don’t have to call you Mr.  Hawkins!),

I am so sorry about Ella’s passing, but know she is in a better place and can be free.  Your devotion to her, particularly over the last few years, is admirable and something all of us can hope and wish for from a life partner. 

I have such fond, and a few scary, memories of spending a lot of my childhood at your house.  When I spent the night, or just hung out after school, Ella treated me like another daughter.  I received the same warnings and admonishments as Carol to stay out of the front room, your bedroom, and to be quiet when you came home from work! There were also the warnings of “Girls! Be quiet and go to sleep!” when I would spend the night with Carol.  Those were the “scary” moments...  as children, we were all afraid of our friend’s parents! :-)

The fond moments include spending the night, building forts and having snacks after school.  Ella gamely provided provisions for our forts and let us keep them up for a few days so we could come and go and enjoy them over a weekend.

I have always been clumsy, but wasn’t aware how bad it was as a child until Carol’s wedding shower.  I hadn’t seen Ella for years, and the first thing she said to me was “Do you still drop and break dishes?”!!! I have no idea how many things I broke at your house, but Ella never yelled or got angry with me, but made sure we had a good laugh about it when I got older!

As an adult, I appreciate how creative and talented Ella was.  I have two drawings she made of one of my kitties, and Carol gave me a small quilt with cats on it that Ella made years ago.

Ella will be missed.  I hope you find a new “normal” and please know that you are loved.

With love,
Lisa Near
Mary Ann Hinch
De Soto, MO
I am so sorry to hear about your mother.  I know what it's like losing parents and even though there is some relief, if they had been sick, it is still a hole in your heart that never goes away.  I will always consider the "Hawkins clan" my family.  I am so glad we were able to visit with your mom and dad when we took my in-laws on vacation.  Aunt Ella loved to laugh as does my mother-in-law.  They got along great, even though I think they were in a mild competition to see who could make everyone laugh!
I know there's no service, but I'd like to send a keepsake.  I am very grateful and honored to have known your mother.
Michael Neal
Fenton, MI
Dear Uncle Jim,
I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Ella.  You and your daughters are in our prayers.  I am looking forward to being able to see you all this spring.
Lana Stephans
Anna, TX
Dear Jim,
I am so sorry for your loss of Ella.  I know it has been a long road for you and I admire your strength, loyalty and love you had during your lifetime with her.  I remember in middle school and high school coming to your house jumping on the trampoline with my best friend Cindi.  You were always so kind and Ella offered a smile and a twinkle in her eye, that same twinkle she passed on to Cindi! I know she will be greatly missed by all, especially you.
Joni Mueller
Granbury, TX
To Ella’s family,
I am sorry for you all as you grieve the loss of Ella

. Having grown up across the street from your family, I recall your family going boating and camping and it looked like great fun. I remember going to your house to see Carol and there was often the smell of a home cooked meal.  The house and yard were always well tended . Occasionally there was an oil painting on an easel that looked like a masterpiece to me but seemed somewhat effortless for her to create. It seemed like she could grow, paint or sew anything. On rainy days, she would give Carol and I a ride to school. I loved that because she would warm up the car (which was immaculate) and play the radio low to create a very soothing ride. 

She was a genuine home maker, using her talents and abilities to create a home that her family could feel good about.
Bill Hawkins
Coppell, SD
I am so sorry to hear of Ella’s passing away but know it is a relief that she is no longer suffering.
janet robinson
Topeka, KS
Jim Im so sorry to hear about Ella. I will miss her, but she is with Ray making fun of us.  I have been in the hospital and just goy home today.  I had pneumonia my forth time . Was in the hospital inJune with F4 flu.

Janet Robinson
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